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Introducing a monitor
that will transform the way you game
Satisfaction and excitement
for every gamer
Go after higher scores
Satisfaction and excitement
for every gamer
Compete like never before
Satisfaction and excitement
for every gamer
Create a more ideal gaming environment
Satisfaction and excitement
for every gamer

Why are gamers choosing GigaCrysta?

Refine your skills as a player

GigaCrysta gaming monitors are engineered to make gaming more pleasant and more fun by offering a new gaming experience that empowers you to make the most of your skills as a player.

High-speed video at 144Hz, 165Hz, and 240Hz
Compete as never before in games where speed is king.

High-speed video

GigaCrysta monitors overwrite the screen up to 120 or 240 times every second, fully twice or four times as fast as a standard 60Hz display. The result is smooth and beautiful video that you could never experience on a TV or 60Hz monitor thanks to technology that’s ideal for content like first-person shooters and other speed-driven games.

Eliminate afterimages with high-speed response
so that you can realize perfect timing.

Eliminate afterimages

Use the "Over Drive" feature to boost the screen’s response speed to realize lightning-fast response that doesn’t compromise the picture’s vividness. Fewer afterimages in scenes with fast movement lets you enjoy action-packed footage and crisp game video.

What’s response speed?

LCD monitors use rows of small dots to display images. The speed at which those dots can change from one color to another color is known as response speed.

Eliminate the gap between your console
and your monitor for fewer missed opportunities.

High display lag can become a bottleneck in games that require agile control inputs.

Shot go wide when you tried to attack an enemy? Such misses are caused by lag between the game console and the display.

Once the video signal from your computer or console is inputted to the monitor, it must be processed by the monitor’s internal video IC before it can be output to the panel. The resulting lag is known as internal frame delay. The time between the signal’s arrival at the panel and its appearance to the user as a change in color defines the response speed. You’ve got to evaluate this process in total before you can say a display is truly fast. For games that demand agile control inputs, this delay is a major bottleneck.

Free yourself from jerky action and lag
so that you can immerse yourself in stress-free gaming.


The 27-inch monitor (GC-271UXB) supports AMD FreeSync™ Premium technology, which reduces stutter and tearing to keep high-frame rate gaming action smooth.

Picture-enhancing technologies create
vivid and beautiful images that make games enchanting.

To enable them to generate images of fascinating beauty and worlds that transcend the imagination, GigaCrysta monitors feature a variety of picture-enhancing technologies that let you lose yourself so fully in games that you’ll forget the real world.

Fine-tune video to suit your content
"Screen modes"

Game mode
FPS mode
RPG mode
Web mode
Standard mode
Picture modes provide presets that are perfect for a variety of content, so even first-time users can easily enjoy beautiful picture quality that suits their content simply by choosing a mode. You can also adjust each mode’s picture settings to suit your own preferences.

Keeping dim gaming scenes brilliant
"Night Clear Vision"

Night Clear Vision
"Night Clear Vision" vividly displays enemies that could otherwise go unnoticed in dim scenes. You’ll enjoy games even more when you can see enemies concealed by darkness and minuscule changes in scenery. Choose from two levels according to preference.

Adding sharpness and vividness to video
"Enhanced Color"

Enhanced Color
* Image enhanced so effect can be more readily seen.
Enhanced Color corrects tones and hues to create sharp and vivid video. Hues are corrected using six colors (RGBCMY) based on level settings that can be configured to preference. The feature can be adjusted based on the style of game you’re playing, for example to add vividness to action games or tranquil color to MMORPGs.

Creating beautiful and crisp video
"Super resolution" technology

Super resolution
* Image enhanced so effect can be more readily seen.
When displaying SD content such as a DVD on a monitor with a resolution of full HD (1,920 × 1,080) or greater, the original video signal must be enlarged in a process that creates blurring. "Super resolution" technology dramatically improves the “high-res” feel of video to reproduce a vivid picture.

Support for HDR10 signal input

Support for HDR 10 signal input
* Image enhanced so effect can be more readily seen.
Connect a game console or computer that supports HDR playback to enjoy an expansive color space by adding color to blown-out whites and blocked-up shadows.

Displaying about 2.4 times the amount of information you’ll get with full HD
"UWQHD resolution"

UWQHD resolution
UWQHD delivers resolution of 3,440 × 1,440 pixels for a display area that’s about 2.4 times that of full HD (1,920 × 1,080). Displaying more information means you can view scenes in their entirety, and the ability to use more of the main screen even as you display menus, toolboxes, and other interface elements makes games more fun.

Letting you enjoy vivid picture quality no matter where you are
"Wide-viewing-angle ADS panel"

Wide-viewing-angle ADS panel front Wide-viewing-angle ADS panel left Wide-viewing-angle ADS panel front2 Wide-viewing-angle ADS panel right * Image
The 34-inch monitor (GC-WQ341XDB) use ADS panels with a wide horizontal and vertical viewing angle of 178°. That means color and contrast change less with viewing position and angle, so the picture looks vivid no matter where it’s seen from. ADS panels are distinguished by their almost complete lack of deviation, making them easy to use in a variety of applications.

Designed to make games even easier to play

Dedicated stand that boosts adrenaline



With adjustable height and angle, the GigaCrysta stand lets you change the position of the screen to suit your preferences so that you can game in a more natural position for less fatigue.

Frame and panel that are engineered for easy play

Frame and panel that are engineered for easy play

A matte frame and non-glare panel limit glare and reflections so that you can focus on gaming.

Customizable settings

The illuminated GigaCrysta logo

The illuminated GigaCrysta logo is designed to provide a shot of emotional excitement to gamers. Customize its color, brightness, pattern, and speed.

* Only for GC-271UXB, GC-242HXB, GC-WQ341XDB

Easy to use for all

* GC-251UXB, GC-271UXB

Play for a long time without feeling tired.

If you’re like a lot of gamers, you’ve probably experienced eye strain or a headache after becoming absorbed in a game as the hours flew by. The GigaCrysta series offers eye-friendly features that let you play for extended periods of time without getting tired.

Eliminating backlight flicker for easy viewing
"Flickerless" design

Flickerless design
GigaCrysta monitors use a flickerless design that adjusts the brightness level without causing the monitors to flash, eliminating flicker and reducing eye strain.

Reducing blue light, which is believed to cause eye fatigue
"Blue Reduction"

Blue Reduction
With features like "Blue Reduction", which reduces blue light, considered a cause of eye fatigue during display use, GigaCrysta monitors are designed to be easy on the eyes.

Reliable Japanese company

I-O DATA DEVICE, INC. Is a comprehensive peripheral device manufacturer for personal computers, digital home appliances, and smartphones products etc, which was established in 1976. I-O DATA sell a wide range of products lineup such as LCD monitors and storage products not only for consumers electronics market but also for enterprises. In the LCD monitor category, which has the largest market share of Japan's domestic sales. The “GigaCrysta series” for gaming users entered the market in 2014 and has gained the support of gamers. As the e-sports population continues to grow, we will continue to develop products that allow you to enjoy games more comfortably. * BCN AWARD 2021 (No. 1 for five consecutive years)


Discover the GigaCrysta monitor
that’s right for you.

Introducing a line of monitors that are guaranteed to bring satisfaction and excitement to all gamers.

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